Starting February 16th at Quiet Waters Renaissance Festival!
Escape Room tickets are limited. Must purchase entry to festival

Since his unlikely assent to throne, King Agar has been on a war path through Theria. He is a ruthless commander that is still undefeated in battle. Some say he has a brilliant mind for war. He is always one step ahead. But if you listen closely to the whispers in the shadows, there are those that believe there is something far more sinister at work. It appears King Agar’s thirst for conquest will not be quenched until the entire realm is under his control. Most of the great houses fear him. They hope, futilely, to outlast the terror behind the protection of their homes. However, there are a few of us that are still quietly working to bring down the tyrant before all is lost. We are unofficially known as The Defiant.

Amidst growing concerns for Agar’s reputation amongst the people, his hand has convinced him to put the war aside and join in this year’s festivities. We need you to Sneak into Agar’s tent while he is off enjoying the festival and recover his personal journal. The Defiant need you. This journal may finally give us the advantage we need against The Unconquered King.

Tickets are $20 per person at the box office. 2-6 Players per 20 minute game.