All New Time Travel Paradox | Special Offer

All New Time Travel Paradox

Try our most challenging VR escape room yet! Time Travel Paradox is the newest in Evolution Escape Room’s collection of VR Escape Games. This fully immersive experience takes the player back in time to a prehistoric era. See dinosaurs come to life all while solving the puzzles and mysteries within the game.

SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time, try Time Travel Paradox Escape Game and receive a FREE XD Dark Ride Theater* entry. Get two games for the price of one!

*Only available in person, at the park. Subject to availability. No cash value. Limit one per person, per day. Age restrictions apply. See location for full details.

VRIt was January 2020… and your research team had just finished work on the world’s first prototype time machine. However, your colleague, Dr. Hessenberg, chose to betray everyone and steal the time machine for himself! To hide his crime, he decided to send all his teammates back in time to the Jurassic era to be eaten by dinosaurs. You need to find a way to get back to the present and stop Dr. Hessenberg before something catastrophic happens!

Watch the Video to see inside Time Travel Paradox.