The Four Personalities of an Escaper – Which one are you?

The Four Personalities of an Escaper

“It’s not about what you do, it’s who you’re doing it with.” This famous quote applies to a lot of things in life including… Escape Rooms! The group you are with is one of the key components to a successful escape. By being trapped together in a room for an hour; you learn a lot about people. Whether you are a first timer or an experienced escaper, we have found that players typically fall into one of four categories: 1)The Wiseman 2)The Alarmist 3)The Observer 4)The First Timer

  1. The Wiseman: This is the person who typically takes charge and is the voice in the room. The Wiseman is an experienced Escaper who uses their experience to lead the group to expand group thinking and look for clues First Timers may not consider. As the leader of the group with technical and logical thinking, they are known to bring it all together and ensure success.
  2. The Alarmist: You know the person that is overly obsessive? This is the person who always has their mind on the time when in an escape room. Whether you are trying to beat the clock in 30 minutes or an hour, this person always reminds the group that they are running out of time. This can be a blessing and a curse. It is important to keep time in mind, however, do not let “The Panic” be the person to rush the group causing to sidetrack or miss clues.
  3. The Observer: The person that is quiet is normally the person you would never expect to crack the code, and often is the person of surprise. They are THE crucial component to the group. The Observer may not be the most vocal, but they pay attention to detail and catch things that others may not have noticed.
  4. The First Timer: The name says it all. This is the bright-eyed, bushy tailed first time escaper, and they are the Wild Card of the group. They may take you by surprise and be the person to lead the group out in the allotted time frame, or maybe they just sit back and only help where they see fit. The First Timer will have a fresh mindset and be observant. They will want to look at and examine every clue and puzzle, which can be extremely helpful but also timely. Make sure your First Timer doesn’t use up all your time!

Escape Rooms are perfect for a date night, a company ice breaker, or a family outing. Whether you are a First Timer or The Wiseman escaper every room is different and the group you are with will ensure a unique experience every time. So which one are you? If you haven’t experienced an escape room yet, Xtreme Action Park’s Evolution Escape Rooms (239, Geneva Trail, and Dine at Dusk) and four Virtual Reality Escape Rooms (Space Station Tiberia, Dragon Tower, Time Travel Paradox, and Depths of Osiris) are the perfect opportunities to find out! Head to Xtreme Action Park and experience one of their three rooms to find out more about your group!
Xtreme is located on 5300 Powerline Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.

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