What Makes a “Good Escape Room?

What makes a Good Escape Room?

As escape rooms have taken off, they are a fun way for friends and families to do an activity that isn’t exactly traditional, but still engaging. There is an escape room for everyone, whether it be trying to escape aliens, break out of prison or successfully escape from the Geneva Trail woods. But what makes for a “good” escape room? What takes them to another level to get people hooked and leave saying, “I need to try another room.” There are three main ingredients that make for a great escape room experience; the story, the room and the room level.

  • The Story: It is crucial for there to be a back story that goes along with the escape room as this is the initial impression on which room escapers select. The story line provided to each guest should be interesting from beginning to end and should give escapers a sense of accomplishment once completed. It should feel like you are part of the story when participating.
  • The Room: The room detail with specific décor detailing the story line sets up the escapers to make the important connections. The story as well, as the props throughout the escapers experience should give them the ability to immerse themselves into the mission and offer an interactive challenge. This gives escapers the opportunity to enter the world they are escaping and makes for a better overall experience.
  • The Room Level: The most important thing when participating in an escape room is to have FUN. This means the level of the escape room should be enjoyable to escapers. The rooms should be not be impossible to figure out, and allow the escaper to move from one area to another, but should be complex enough to have escapers use their brain and work together for a successful escape.

If you are looking for the perfect mix of challenge and interesting narrative in an escape room, visit XTREME Action Park at 5300 Powerline Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. Try one of Xtreme Action Park’s Evolution Escape Rooms (Two Thirty Nine, Geneva Trail, and Dine at Dusk) or one of the four Virtual Reality Escape Rooms (Space Station Tiberia, Dragon Tower, Time Travel Paradox, and Depths of Osiris).