Tips for Taking On an Escape Room

Four Tips for Taking On an Escape Room

Today, there are about 2,300 Escape Room facilities in the United States. The phenomenon is only continuing to grow by creating more engaging, critical thinking experiences for guests. This can be said for the Evolution Escape Room experiences at Xtreme Action Park.

These particular rooms are extra challenging. Especially room “Two Thirty-Nine” which a good portion of groups have not been able to escape in the allotted 30-minute window. There are definitely some great tips that we can provide to help any attempts to escape our rooms! Here are a few that we found can be useful for both the experienced escaper, and first timers, as well:

  1. The Group: The group is absolutely the most important part when taking on an Escape Room. Not only who you bring along, but the number of people to ensure a successful escape. Maximize your allotted in room number – more heads are better than one! The more ideas flowing the better. This is an opportunity to break off into smaller groups so that each smaller group or pair are responsible for a different task. COMMUNICATION between all escapers is key.
  2. Critical Thinking: Escape Rooms are supposed to be challenging and mind-bending. When going into an Escape Room, it is important to keep an open mind. No idea is a “crazy idea”. Notice the difference between props and clues. Don’t overthink elements. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the different missions, so know what key items to look for. Examples include numbers, letters, keys, locks, moveable parts and symbols!
  3. Time Management: Although the idea behind an Escape Room is to beat the clock, it is important the group takes their time while paying attention to small details. Rushing can cause the small important details to be missed, or even the misplacement of key items. Taking a second to stop and think can avoid something as simple as misplacing a key to unlock a door. To ensure success, complete one task at a time and take your time to think it through.
  4. Ask for Clues: These Escape Rooms come with a walkie-talkie to provide Escapers with some wisdom when needed…aka the behind the scenes folks. If your group feels like you have hit a dead end, ask for a clue! This will help you move through the room or rooms in a timely manner. Also, know when to use your clues. Our escapers get up to three clues and can still make it to the leader board if they get out in time!

Xtreme Action Park currently has a total of three different Escape Rooms (Two Thirty Nine, Geneva Trail, and Dine at Dusk) and four Virtual Reality Escape Rooms (Space Station Tiberia, Dragon Tower, Time Travel Paradox, and Depths of Osiris) for you to try. We hope these tips can help you have a successful ESCAPE!

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