How Escape Rooms Help your Team

How Escape Rooms Help Your Team

Every company wants their employees to roll up their sleeves and focus on the bottom line, but sometimes the most efficient path to success is… to take a break!  Sure, workshops are educational and a company dinner is nice, but team building activities are a lot more fun!  Escape Rooms have become a favorite team building activity as they have been found to be a great way to increase team communication and productivity.


What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is an adventure game that takes place in a realistic themed setting in which a group of players are “locked” in. Participants use objects and clues that are strategically placed in the room to solve a series of puzzles; typically having 60 minutes to unravel the mystery and escape. The name of the game is to get out in time while trying to get the best time on the scoreboard – because who doesn’t want bragging rights?

How will Escape Room Team Building benefit my Business?

Escape games are a great way to create fun memories while relaxing from daily work stressors. They give your team a chance to get to know each other on a deeper level than an office environment may allow for. For instance, you may discover that someone speaks a different language when they are able to decipher a clue in French. Or, someone who is generally more reserved may open up in this new, fun environment.

Studies have found that those who play games of any kind are better learners. Because escape rooms are communication skill games, they take the gaming benefits even further. Similarly to working towards business goals, escape rooms also require players to work together towards a common objective. Unlike in the workplace, everyone is on the same level in the game, so there is no room for job titles and rank to get in the way.  As a plus, escape games also give the company the chance to get to know their employees better, while also observing each person’s contribution and skills. A company can learn who the leaders are, how well your team communicates, and how the team reacts to problems as they arise. The communication and bonding atmosphere of escape rooms have been found to make your employees feel more like a team; which translates over to a more collaborative work environment.

Do Escape Room Games Work with any Business Type?
Escape room games are a fun activity for any business, and for employees of all ages and demographics.

About Evolution Escape Rooms
Evolution Escape Rooms are unique because their storylines and rooms are created from scratch by our very own team – you will not find these games anywhere else! We currently feature Virtual Reality Escape Rooms, and three different physical rooms that range in skill level: Dine at Dusk, Two Thirty Nine, and Geneva Trail. We are also part of Xtreme Action Park, South Florida’s largest indoor entertainment center. Reserve your escape rooms alone or combine them with other park activities for the ultimate Team Challenge Day!


Is your team at a bit of a standstill? Or are you looking for a way to celebrate landing a big contract? For your next corporate event or team building exercise, give Evolution Escape Rooms a call and reserve a room or two. We are available to answer any questions you may have.