VR Escape Rooms featured on WSVN 7 Deco Drive | March 12, 2019

WSVN 7 Deco Drive features VR Escape Rooms

Published: March 12, 2019
Shireen Sandoval

Escape rooms are a fun way to solve puzzles with your friends. Now, a Fort Lauderdale attraction is serving up a new twist on the concept by inviting you to escape reality.

Escape rooms challenge your mind, inviting you to search for clues in a race against the clock.

Now, new technology is letting people go back in time, underwater and into outer space!

Nate Howard, Xtreme Action Park: “Escape rooms are a puzzle, so people are typically used to having an hour to escape a room. In a VR escape room, it’s very similar. You have your hands, there is kneeling and reaching trying to solve puzzles with virtual items.”

Customer: “Were these flowers always here?”

Goggles and special controllers let you interact with a virtual world. Players can enter a 16th-century magician’s lab, piecing together spells and creating potions.

Customer: “One. Two … ah! Ow, I burned my hand!”

Want to turn up the fear factor? Try solving a puzzle surrounded by crabs and sharks.

Customer: “I’m in an underwater temple, kind of, and there’s sharks, like, all in my face and crabs on my feet!”

Customer: “Oh. Oh, there’s a shark coming! Ah! Haha.”

Nate Howard: “You literally see people jump when the sharks are swimming towards you.”

Customer: “I’ve done a bunch of other escape rooms before and especially the ones here, but that was, like, something I’ve never even experienced.”

You can even go to space to save Earth from a meteor attack!

Customer: “Ah! Oh!”

Customer: “There’s a lot of team work involved. It was really challenging but really exciting at the same time.”

Forget the puzzles. It looks like the perfect escape from reality.

Nate Howard: “You’re immediately immersed, and that’s what’s really intense about the virtual reality is immediate immersion into the world.”

Customer: “Oh, oh, oh, Sarah. Sarah! Your feet. There’s a crab!”

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